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A little bit about me

Writing/ Grammar have never been my strong suit, but I thought "you know what I can try, what's it going to hurt!" Maybe some of you will find my thoughts are entertaining. So here we go.

My name is Amber and I enjoy long walks on the beach, playing with action figures, and singing at the top of my lungs in the shower. Oh wait! I'm just kidding! What am I doing this isn't a dating site. Duh! Okay for real now. Last night I decided to start getting back into some galleries and shops with my artwork. So I started writing some rough drafts about myself and why my artwork should be displayed at their stores. I realized two things, I don't enjoy bragging about my achievements and trying to put into words why my art is so awesome is really hard. Needless to say, my art gallery email made it about four sentences before I zoned out and three pages of random thoughts appeared. Here is an example of those thoughts; do you ever wonder when you have a vivid dream about being a NINJA that maybe in your past life you actually were a Ninja? Why can a toddler jump off a tall piece of furniture and not have a scratch, but you slightly rub your leg against a coffee table and you have a huge bruise. That’s just two of the random thoughts from my writing. If you love random thoughts follow me on here!

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