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How did you get started painting? When I was about 2 years old my mother started me with finger paints and since then I haven’t stopped with my artwork. In 2007 I graduated from the Florida State University with an art degree, but I knew nothing about business or marketing. Which in hind sight was also something I should have majored in. It wasn’t until about 6 years ago though I took it from side job to everyday life At the time we were living Germany and the art culture was absolutely intoxicating. The history and inspiration were endless. The architecture and skilled artisans were all around and they were appreciated for their craft. It was honestly a breathe of fresh air to see the appreciation for art in its true form. It wa

s then that I realized I needed to get over my fear of failure and take the plunge. When we moved back to the states I continued to use all the inspirations of Europe to drive my art business into what it is today!

What challenges have you had growing your business? What business doesn’t have its challenges? I know for me I continue to have my highs and lows but its my dedication to my craft and the support of my family that keeps me going. My biggest challenges have been marketing and naviga

ting the business of the art world. I use a lot of art business blogs and other artists that have helped me tackle this new and ever evolving art world. There are always new challenges but when you want something so bad that you can’t function without for just one second you figure it out.

How do you describe your art? Ambersnature art is for people who enjoy lots of color and texture as much as I do. I use acrylic paint on all sizes of canvas. I paint with wet paint on a paintbrush so that I can manipulate the colors without making them muddy . Each painting created is one of a kind and unique to my impressionistic/ realistic style. Sometimes when I can’t come up with an idea I pray about it and God guides my hand. Or I go out into nature and get inspired. I’ve come up with some pretty crazy pieces that way but they are mine and no

one has ever seen before.

How do you know when your hard work has paid off? When I knew I was getting bigger with my business wasn’t when I had clients from all over the world but when businesses were approaching me to collaborate with them. I also view success when other artist see my artwork and know its me and their not confused with anyone else.

I have a hard time talking about myself and describing who I am. I love animals and people so when I get a chance, I donate to certain organizations that are helping both. I think when you can donate either money or time to help animals or people either way you are making a difference. I love teaching other passionate kids and adults my craft. I’m not going to live forever and I want to leave something behind whether it is my paintings, prints, or teaching. I want to be remembered for bringing happiness to someone and making a difference.


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